Arul thiru “AMMA”

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Adigalar Birthday

Follow the above link to view the AMMA birthday festival held in MARUVOOR on 03-03-2013 which was telecasted in RAJ tv.

This link will be available for still more four or five days.(captions:BANGARU AMMA BIRTHDAY,melmaruvathur bangaruadigalar,adhiparasakthi birthday,bangaru adigalar)

Bangaru Adigalar

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Bangaru Adigalar

His Holiness ArulThiru Bangaru Adigalar

Born March 3, 1941 (age 71)
Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu, India
Birth name Bangaru Adigalar

Bangaru Adigalar is an Indian spiritual guru[1]; he is the President of Adiparasakthi Charitable Medical Educational and Charitable Trust[2][3], which runs a free hospital, a number of local colleges[3] and other local services in Tamil Nadu, India.


Bangaru Adigalar was born as the eldest son on 3 March 1941 in the small village of Melmaruvathur,92 km from Chennai, Tamil Nadu to Thiru. Gopala Naicker and Tmt. Meenakshi Ammal.

Adigalar started his schooling in Chotthupakkam and continued high school at Acharapakkam. After high school he joined the teachers’ training at Chengalpattu Government teacher training school. After his training he took up a Teacher job at Acharapakkam school.

In 1968, on September 4, Tmt. Lakshmi, the ninth daughter of Sri. Venkatachala Naicker and Srimathi Vishalakshi of Uthiramerur, was married to Bangaru Adigalar. They have two sons(G.B.Anbalagan and G.B.Senthil kumar) and two daughters.


The following are some of the activities being carried out at the behest of Bangaru Adigalar

  • Educational Institutions from primary to post graduation in all branches of learning, paving the way for a full-fledged University.
  • Promotion of modern scientific farming methods; proposed Agricultural Research Center at Isur.
  • Employment provided to the rural community.
  • Social activities unifying all religions, races and cultures under one roof for the upliftment of society.
  • Liberating women from the clutches of traditional protocols and involving them in spiritual and social activities.
  • * Building homes for the poor
  •   * Relief to victims of natural calamities
  •   * Renovating dilapidated temples
  •   * Distributing food, clothing and books to the poor
  •   * Giving crutches and other aids to the handicapped
  •   * Providing water for lepers housing colonies
  •   * Assisting poor farmers and artisans with implements
  •   * Homes for the aged and orphanage for the children
  •   * Helping the widows and destitute
  •   * Conducting free marriages for the poor
  •   * Performing last rites in ceremonial manner for the poor

Arul thiru Bangaru Adigalar is being witnessed as ADHIPARASAKTHI amma,who is being incarnate  as bangaru amma.

The main aspect of AMMA is the paatha poojai and arul vaku. Many millions of devotees get blessed in this way. Amma with out any hesitation keeps blessing all her devotees who come to her. Even the worst disease gets vanished when her eyes fall on us. Amma keeps accepts all as her children apart from there sins and blesses them by making them serve in the temple. It is to be noted that unlike all other temple,here in maruvathur, if a person is wearing a red dress he/she would have directly witnessed amma blessing atleast once in their life in one way or the other though various miracles. During patha poojai when devotees approache amma,with a smiling face she will atleast show in action that she will take care of them and not to worry.Living in kali yugam, still people keeps not believing amma but still she keeps blessing the one truly believes him.  As not all the people can afford to do patha poojai daily, amma herself comes around the temple daily.

Amma’s birthday is celebrated on march 3rd by her children. We could find all the sakthi’s saying how amma made their life a valuable one. This is one of the most crowded day in maruvoor. People across the world plunge her to get the blessings of amma. Amma keeps blessing all her children though out the day. No devotee can forget this day in their life and they keep waiting for this day to come every year.

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